The transition years – Sharpening the profile and services

UNIDO moves from supporting industrialization based on central planning, state-owned enterprises and import substitution to private industries and export-led growth. At the same time, there is a greater focus on South-South cooperation and solidarity. Technical cooperation increasingly focuses on traditional activities such as investment promotion. A long process of ratifying UNIDO’s establishment as a specialized agency of the United Nations is finally concluded in 1985.


Export processing zones

UNIDO and regulatory authorities of export processing zones (EPZs) from 29 countries form World Export Processing Zones Association.


New headquarters

Vienna International Centre (VIC) custom-built by Austrian Government.


Investment projects

Analytical methodology with computer model (COMFAR) improves quality of investment projects in developing world.


Domingo L. Siazon Jr

UNIDO becomes a specialized agency under Domingo L. Siazon Jr (Philippines).